Gorakhpur(uttar pradesh): A 24 year man brutally killed his wife after she refused have sesxual intercourse with him.

This incident happened in Gorakhpur , uttar pradesh , siddharthnagar district on Saturday morning.  Not only that ,  the was so insane that he cuts his own private parts and is undergoing a treatment at Baba Raghav Medical College , Gorakhpur .

A case was filled against him from his wife's father under Pathra police station .
Hasan who works in Surat , had married Mehnaz (21) over an year ago and was back to home just 2 days ago.
As per the reports filled it was written that , the couple was alone when Anwarul attacked Mehnaz.
The police was informed by the neighbours when heard some noise and then peeked through an open window .
what they saw was Mehnaz lying on the floor and Hasan in a pool blood . 
ASAP!! police rushed Hasan to the district hospital where he was reffered to BRD medical College . And the body of Mehnaz was sent to autopsy . 

However while talking to  reporters Hasan said "I got very angry when my wife refused to entertain my request for sex. I strangulated her to death and then cut my own private parts."

Siddharthnagar SP, Dharamveer Singh said "Mehnaz's father has alleged in his complaint that his daughter was being harassed by the accused for dowry."

At last I wanna say that why is this happening ? ,  just becouse of some amount of money a lady  is killed . I request everyone who so ever is reading this  article that please please do not support dowry system. Either taking or giving both are equally responsible for these shameful incidents .

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  1. People like this guy are not fit for this world...and for evils like dowry best u can do is--when people ask for dowry hand over a bowl to them and give them some coins not your daughters!...
    keep updating such news!
    Would like to read more of such kinds


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